How to have the perfect honeymoon vacation

Now that the wedding is finally over, it is time for you to relax and unwind for a little bit. You got so stressed out in the months before the wedding that you probably even forgot how to relax. So take a deep breath, the wedding is over, you did it, you are married, you got the guy. All you need to worry about now is if you packed enough clothes for the honeymoon.

I’m sure that you’ve picked the perfect location for your honeymoon. I really do hope it’s something magical like Bahamas or Hawaii. Well, I guess that also depends on what types of persons you two are. You may be into extreme sports and mountain climbing for all I know. In any case, I hope you don’t plan on doing something extremely dangerous that will earn you a trip to the emergency room.

In fact, that should be rule number one in our “perfect honeymoon” guide: nothing too dangerous. You have nothing to prove to each other, so take it easy with all the bungee jumping and paragliding plans. You wouldn’t want anyone to get hurt, would you?

And now for the second rule: don’t forget that you are on your honeymoon and not on a regular trip. Other people should also know that. As long as you are not obnoxious about it and only mention it once, this piece of information should earn you a lot of free drinks and even other surprises. People have always had a thing for weddings and newlyweds, so it wouldn’t be entirely wrong to take advantage of this weakness. Who knows what the hotel will have in store for you? Maybe a bigger room, maybe a room with a better view, you never know. Just remember the episode of Friends right after Monica and Chandler’s wedding, where another couple kept getting free things just for mentioning to people that they are on their honeymoon. You want to be that other couple.

No matter how tired you are, or how relieved that the wedding is finally over, that is not a good enough reason for you to stay in bed all day. You are young and you have come to visit this amazing, romantic place. There is no need for you to hide all day in your room. The honeymoon won’t last forever and you don’t want for it to end before you got to see everything that place had to offer. So get a double dose of coffee in the morning and start exploring. The best thing here would be to do a bit of research just before you leave in order to know exactly what are the most popular and interesting tourist attractions in the area.

And there you have it: nothing dangerous, lots of bragging and no laying around doing nothing all day. These tips should ensure you have the most amazing honeymoon.

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