Thinking About Travelling to Europe? These Are The Top 4 Vacation Spots

Thinking about travelling to Europe? Unsure of what places to visit? We have come up with the Top 4 European Cities to Visit. We hope you will find our recommendations helpful.


London provides many places to explore. These include: The Tower of London, The British Museum, Buckingham Palace, The National Gallery, The Imperial War Museum and much more The best time to visit London is in Spring. Spring time is when the temperatures are reasonable. The parks throughout the City will also be blossoming and very green and there are many ways to get around London. These options include: The Tube. buses. taxi’s. and cars.


Amsterdam offers many places to see which these include: The Anne Frank House. The Van Gogh Museum, The Artis Zoo. The Nine Little Streets. The Science Centre NEMO. We recommend visiting Amsterdam between April and May Or between September and November. This will be just before or immediately following the summer season and if you enjoy thirty to forty degree weather then come in these months! To get around Amsterdam you can use: Cars, buses, trams, ferry’s, water taxi and taxi’s, or Bikes.


Istanbul offers very rich heritage and there are many monuments in the city that go back in time, at the moment there is plenty of architecture. This includes a Skyscraper made out of glass. This is located next to the Byzantine Church. All of this is very close to a shopping mall. Places to explore in Istanbul include: The Hagia Sophia. The Blue Mosque. The Topkapi Palace. The Dolmanbahce Palace and The Galata Tower. The best time to visit Istanbul is September through to November. During these months it will not be so busy. The temperatures drop down. The weather is divine and to get around Istanbul you can use its trams and buses. These are all located in every tourist location. We recommend a ride on the Scenic Ferry. This goes between Istanbul’s European and Asian areas.


Paris provides experiences you will never forget. There is a stunning River that goes throughout the city. Museum’s, Churches, amazing architecture, and beautiful trees are also there. A few places we recommend exploring in Paris include: The Notre-Dame Cathedral, The Eiffel Tower, Luxembourg Gardens and the Versailles Palace. June to August are the best times to visit Paris. This is when the weather is just right. You will get sunshine all day. To get around Paris you can: walk, use the public transport, trains, buses, taxi’s and cars.

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